Newport Corporation

Accessories for SmartTable OTS

Newport Corporation has announced new accessories for its SmartTable OTS optical table system, including additional shelving options and support rails to improve the tables' safety, ergonomics, and space efficiency

Three ProLite Xt products

Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division has launched three new ProLite Xt fibre-coupled diode laser products, all of which are based on the company's advances in bar design, mini-bar design and beam shaping technology.

Oriel Sol3A solar simulators

Newport Corporation has released its Oriel Sol3A solar simulators, the latest addition to its family of photovoltaic test and measurement solutions.

Mai Tai eHP DeepSee Laser

Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division has released the Mai Tai eHP DeepSee, which is a tunable ultrafast Ti:sapphire laser for high-resolution biological imaging.


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