TrioFokus zoom collimator for multi-kW lasers

Size variation of a laser working spot is an important function of processing heads in laser applications like cutting, welding, cladding, brazing. This is easily realised using the zoom collimator trioFokus from AdlOptica

Multi-focus optics for multi-kW lasers

Splitting laser energy and focusing in multiple foci is a main function of foXXus and twoXX beam shaping optics of patent pending design developed for laser material processing applications like welding and metal sheet cutting using multi-kW lasers

Focal-πShaper 9_HP

The Focal-πShaper 9_HP presents new refractive focusing beam shapers optimised to operate with modern high power ps and fs lasers

Shaper NA 0.1_12 / NA 0.2_12

New collimating beam shapers, piShaper NA 0.1_12 / NA 0.2_12, from AdlOptica are intended to operate with high power TEM00 and multimode fibre lasers as well as fibre-coupled DPSS and diode lasers, combining functions of beam shaping and collimation

piShaper 6_6

AdlOptica has introduced its piShaper 6_6, the latest versions of its piShaper achromatic refractive field mapping beam shapers

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