Laser Components


Roof Mirror

As an alternative to either roof prisms or Porro prisms, Laser Components has introduced the Roof Mirror, two first-surface mirrors assembled to form a 90° corner with great accuracy


Flying above danger

Whether it is the eerie setting of an abandoned nuclear power plant, or the chaotic scenes of an active warzone, there are areas in the world considered too dangerous to travel in without assistance. Instead, we often rely on a range of robust technologies that are able to enter these hazardous environments and obtain accurate data without putting lives at risk.

The emergence of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, in recent years has created a cost-effective means of sending various analytical tools into dangerous areas.


Safe surgery

From correcting vision to treating cancer, lasers have a variety of uses inside hospitals and clinics.  As with any application involving a laser, rigorous attention needs to be paid to safety. However, this becomes more difficult when the user isn’t an engineer and may be performing delicate life-saving procedures.