Photonic Products

Ondax 405nm laser diodes

Photonic Products has launched a new range of 405nm wavelength-stabilised laser diodes from Ondax for applications including Raman spectroscopy, flow cytometry and metrology/inteferometry

Micro and miniature collimators

Photonic Products has launched a range of laser diode collimators which achieve the technically difficult feat of combining high alignment accuracy with a tiny package

DLX laser module

Sanyo has launched a low-noise laser module in its popular DLX range of 532nm DPSS TEC laser modules, available from Photonic Products.

HL6385DG laser diode

Opnext has released a 642nm, 150mW, single longitudinal mode semiconductor laser diode with TE mode oscillation, called the Opnext HL6385DG.

705nm Laser Module

Opnext has released its near-infrared PM-606-P Photon laser module, which uses the first 705nm semiconductor laser diode. The product will be distributed by Photonic Products.

Laser modules

Photonic Products has released laser modules that are encapsulated in a hard-coat anodised case with a scratch-resistant sapphire window to protect the lens and offer rugged, durable performance at an economical price.


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