Photonic Solutions

NoIR Lasershield eyewear

Photonic Solutions now distributes a recently extended range of LaserShield laser protective eyewear manufactured by NoIR, including the new FG1 glass filter for the 850nm to 10.6µm range


NKT Photonics now offers its femtoWhite series - a pre-assembled polarisation maintaining fibre device that can be used with an ultrafast oscillator to generate octave spanning, low-noise supercontinuum output

PicoFlash microchip laser

Teem Photonics has introduced the PicoFlash 355nm, 140kHz passively Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, distributed in the UK by Photonic Solutions

SuperK Varia

The SuperK Varia from NKT Photonics, and distributed in the UK and Ireland by Photonic Solutions, is a computer-controlled variable bandwidth filter that effectively turns a supercontinuum white light source into a powerful single-line laser


The LICS06 Laser Interlock Control System, from Photonic Solutions, is a flexible, failsafe method of controlling access to areas where a laser hazard may exist


Teem Photonics, experts in passively Q-switched microchip lasers, has introduced its 3D micro fabrication module, the mFab3D, allowing the realisation of polymer, protein, metal or other biomaterial microstructures


UK-based distributor Photonic Solutions has introduced the µFab3D laser microfabrication system, manufactured by Teem Photonics, a complete, cost-effective solution for 3D microfabrication of polymer, protein or metal micro-structures

eDrive diode laser drivers

Distributed in the UK and Ireland by Photonic Solutions, the eDrive series from Cutting Edge Optronics is the next generation of diode laser drivers and controllers


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