Spectrum Detector

SPC and SPH pyroelectric detectors

Spectrum Detector has designed and now manufactures a complete line of LiTaO3 pyroelectric detectors that are direct, PIN compatible replacements for the company's older Molectron detectors

T.rad 1000D

Spectrum Detector, a manufacturer of THz sensors and diagnostic instruments, has introduced the T.rad 1000D, a broadband pyroelectric radiometer for intensity measurements covering the entire THz spectrum (0.1-30THz).

mach 5

Spectrum Detector has released the mach 5, a 100 kHz digital joulemeter that produces real-time, pulse-to-pulse energy measurement of high rep rate laser sources.

deltA Joulemeter Series

Spectrum Detector has released its deltA Joulemeter Series. The deltA NIR Joulemeter provides near-IR spectral response from 0.9 to 1.7um, while also offering numerous performance advantages unique to the deltA Series of joulemeters and radiometers.

Trap radiometers and joulemeters

Spectrum Detector has launched its Trap Series of digital radiometers and joulemeters, which can achieve a measurement uncertainty of less than 1 per cent on multiple points across the spectrum.


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