High-power diode laser arrays

Dilas has released high-power diode laser arrays, one which operates at 1940nm with wall plug efficiencies of >10 per cent and another which operates at 1550nm.

Turnkey diode laser system

Dilas has launched its Compact Series of air- or water-cooled, fibre-coupled, high-power diode laser systems with power levels ranging from 40W to 400W using 400µm NA0.2 fibres and from 25W to 100W using 200µm NA0.22 fibres.

Galvo Scanner

Dilas, the diode laser company, is now offering the Galvo Scanner for use in combination with its top beam quality diode laser systems.

QCW stack array

Dilas has released a high-power conduction cooled, quasi-continuous wave (QCW) stack array to date. They are available in configurations of 100W per bar or 150W per bar.


Dilas has introduced the new Compact series of air-cooled, fibre-coupled, high-power diode laser system from a very compact package. It is an easy-to-use solution for OEM integrators as well as scientific applications.

Fibre-coupled modules

Dilas is providing a complete series of high brightness, high power, conduction-cooled fibre-coupled modules. They are very reliable, with a stable performance.

1470nm fibre coupled module

Dilas has expanded its family of conduction-cooled, fibre-coupled modules with a high brightness 1470nm, single wavelength, fibre-coupled module that produces up to 80W of CW energy from a very compact package.


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